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Mold Removal Products

When To Use Mold Removal Products

Mold is something that everyone has been in contact with at one time or another. It appears anywhere there is excessive moisture, leaking pipes and anything to do with water that is standing still. Basements are a very favorite place for mold growth. Anyone with this problem needs to investigate basement mold removal products.

Mold Removal Products

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Unless basements are properly insulated, with moisture barrier materials, the dampness will soak in through the concrete, like a sponge, from the surrounding earth. This dampness accumulates on the basement floor and walls and the fungus, mold, grows. Mold often is common in flooded areas. In a case like this it often requires completely stripping a basement, or an entire house, before mold removal products can be used to eliminate the problem. Drying everything out is the first step and often large fans are rented for this purpose.

Mold requires dampness or humidity, which is often caused from the sharp difference in inside and outside temperatures. Heating and air conditioners often cause this contrast, which will encourage the mold to grow. In climates where mold is a real problem, some people use humidity sensors to indicate if there is a problem in this area. Sometimes it will appear around windows or windowsills because of the moisture occurring on windows that are not moisture proof.

Any leaking pipe or other place where water or moisture can occur is an open invitation for mold. The beading of water on a toilet tank, a drainpipe or a shower are some of the culprits in this area. Mold can, in some cases, even grow inside a pipe if it is not used continually.

It is well known that mold can cause severe health problems. Respiratory and sinus diseases are very common. People with allergies, headaches and similar problems often do not realize that this is the cause and it can go on for years before being discovered.

There is mold everywhere in the world in which we live, both indoors and out. Many times, it can be seen on outdoor plants, leftover food and many other places. It is when the mold spores enter and multiply in large quantities, within the home, that one should become concerned.

These spores can enter the home in multiple ways, including through windows, on one’s shoes and other ways. If these spores find excessive moisture they are going to grow and become a problem. Mold inspection has become a requirement when a home is sold, in many areas.

There are a number of mold removal products on the market today. Obviously, before any of these can be effective one must remove the cause of the problem. Removing moisture from basements, fixing leaking pipes and anywhere moisture accumulates is the number one priority. When this is accomplished then one can use these products effectively in eliminating the mold from the house or other areas. There are also various home remedies available but they do not always completely cure the problem. In severe cases, it may require the services of a mold expert to provide advice regarding the correct methods to eliminate the mold completely.